About Friendly Gorillas Safaris

As the developed world becomes even more crowded and our lives more fast-paced, we recognize the undeniable need for the peace and tranquillity offered by the natural world. The yearning of our souls to be awakened and the space to breathe – the African safari dream.

Friendly Gorillas Tours was born out of a deep passion for Uganda and desire to share the beauty of Uganda – The Pearl of Africa with the world. It is of course undoubtable that Uganda is unparalleled to any country in the world, and that tourism is the one great hope to sustaining our wilderness and developing communities most in need.

We specialize on bespoke Uganda Gorilla safari tours to Bwindi Impenetrable and Mghainga National Parks. Our journeys are all about making you have remarkable holidays as you encounter the amazing Ugandan beauty. Our Safari specialists put together their wide-ranging destination awareness and immediate proficiencies to create the most incomparable journeys.

We pride ourselves of having passionate, friendly and well experienced team members with deep understanding and knowledge of Uganda after working with several tour operators and handling numerous travellers in and outside Uganda.

Our distinguished exploring capabilities, handpicked Safari guides and broad network of travel associates certifies that we are also talented to combine the most impressive and astonishing experiences that comprehend the very finest of Uganda’s most award-winning Safari holidays.


Friendly Gorillas Limited is an Inbound Tour operator in Uganda that delivers outstanding adventure travel experiences. Founded by young and passionate professional entrepreneur yet most importantly filled with experienced and very dedicated team.

Born and raised in Northern Uganda – home of the hurtful Joseph Kony, having associated with the many underprivileged Northern Ugandan youths especially those youngsters who were orphaned, lost education, HIV affected during the 20+ years of the Lords Resistance Army, Bosco started Friendly Gorillas Tours Ltd as an avenue to generate income for  Friends of The Nations, a local CBO that brings hope to the underprivileged children, HIV affected, orphans of Northern Uganda.

Many thanks to a few visitors who have paid visits to these outstanding children. We encourage you to continue inspiring and leaving remarkable prints in the lives of these persons.


The vision of Uganda Gorilla Tours is to develop an indigenous tour company that provides authentic African safaris.

Uganda Gorilla Tours seeks to provide a first-rate flexible service to its customers and promote the image of East Africa as a matchless tourism destination in the world.


Care, professionalism, integrity, dedication and compassion are the prime values that fortify the business approach of Uganda Gorilla Tours. .  As a strong, well established and reliable company, we guarantee quality, reliability and modest prices. Other core values of the company are exceptional customer service, innovation, availability, flexibility, and eco-tourism.


To deliver high quality and authentic African safaris, tours and guiding services across Uganda and the entire East African region.  Uganda Gorilla Tours arranges tailor made tour packages that suit our traveller’s needs and budget.

“To outrank your safari expectation and offer you once-in-a-lifetime encounter at unbeatable cost”.

Quality & Affordable Tours

A high quality service at unmatched price. We have uniquely designed tour packages to fit upmarket, mid-range and lower budgets.

Tailor-made Tours

Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Why not contact us with your interests?

Excellent Local Knowledge

Our Team is made of friendly, knowledgeable, highly skilled and experienced tour guides in Uganda for magnificent encounters and memories.

Authentic Experiences

Our extensive experience and local expertise means we can take you to places rarely visited and those you have always dreamed of exploring.

Fast, Responsive & flexible.

Fast and accurate responses with our Uganda tour consultants to guide use as you plan your safari. We shall make possible adjustments.

Proven Record

In operation since 2016, we have enormous collection of satisfied clients over the years. Our reputation has earned us several referrals and returning clients.

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