Facts About Uganda all African traveler must know

Adventure Africa - the ultimate African wildlife Safari guide
Adventure Africa – the ultimate African wildlife Safari guide
November 20, 2019
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The Traditional Buganda Dance -Uganda cultral Safari
November 21, 2019

Facts About Uganda all African traveler must know

Facts About Uganda all African traveler must know

Before visiting Uganda, one ought to understand deeply some of the outstanding facts about it.

This East African country is typically a unique and adorable destination for holidays in Africa and business.

Uganda is a country gifted with mesmerizing beauty and natural diversity. Rich with beautiful soils, nature, vegetation, waters, mountains and fascinating creatures.

why miss out on a safari in Uganda?

In addition to its admired background, Uganda in a further unique way is a book. Once uncovered, you will come across many stories that you wouldn’t ever want to miss.

Due to the wonderful outlook, and inside beauty of Uganda, all eyes are on this country that has grown from being an innocent republic in the deviate political, social and economic wellbeing.

Indeed, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, and below are the exceptional and magnificent facts about Uganda;

Facts About Uganda all African traveler must knowThe visit made by Speke and Stanley to the King (Kabaka) of Buganda Mutesa opened the King’s to change.

The ruler later became so attached to his new visitors in his kingdom, this is one of the four strongholds of culture in this region

The region became firmly established by the mid-nineteenth century. The others, lying to the west, are Ankole, Toro and Bunyoro.

Buganda remains a significant Kingdom because of the remarkable agreements made between it and the whites.

Such include the 1900 Buganda Agreement among others which greatly saw Buganda and Uganda at the peak of social, economic and political development.

Other kingdoms and chiefdoms that gave rise to development in Uganda include, Ankole kingdom, Toro kingdom, Bunyoro – Kitara kingdom, Acholi and Teso chiefdoms, among others.

By the 1960s, Uganda had brilliant young educated Africans who had learned much about British rule and later got the urge to liberate this East African country from the British.

Britain granted Uganda full internal self-government in 1962. In the following month, Milton Obote of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) got elected first prime minister of the country.

From then, Uganda has changed governments in the struggle to irk Uganda’s social, economic and political gestures with the current National Resistance Movement (NRM) headed by His excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Uganda continues working on its target of being a middle-income state by 2030 and the sole aim of keeping and making East Africa one, through the East African Community in a bid to rise to fame.

Uganda as a country is located in the African continent within the East African region. Uganda covers over 197,100 square kilometers of land and 43,938 square kilometers of water.

Geographically, Uganda is a landlocked country but with excellent relief. The pearl of Africa is dubbed with different beautiful gifts which make the relief of Uganda appreciable.

With some areas of Uganda being mountainous, the creation of beautiful scenery lives the country adorable.

The mountainous zones lift the relief of Uganda through the provision of rains, support mining sector and tourism.

With some parts covered by the plateau, People in Uganda don’t have the regret of settlement in the area.

In fact, the existence of great relief has prompted it to even become more hospitable towards refugees due to land that can accommodate people to live peacefully.

Uganda is a land of shimmering lakes and turbulent rivers, with over a third of the country covered by water.

Lake Victoria, on the southern boundary, is the largest lake in Africa and on it, you find the source of the River Nile.

Uganda too is gifted a country with Lakes, Rivers, and swamps among others which generously contribute towards its relief.

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