Mountain Gorilla Fact Sheet -All you should know about mountain gorillas

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Mountain Gorilla Fact Sheet -All you should know about mountain gorillas

Mountain Gorilla Fact Sheet -All you should know about mountain gorillas

Facts about Mountain Gorilla you should know

Mountain gorilla safaris are becoming an increasingly popular choice when looking for an alternative destination to the usual savanna experience.

It’s no wonder gorilla safaris are increasingly becoming popular. When looking at the range of gorilla safaris on offer,  one can’t dismiss the most common locations trek these gorillas being either a Rwanda or Uganda safari.

To give you a little insight into why people find mountain gorillas so fascinating, here’s a list of our top gorilla facts.

  • Mountain gorillas until recently were categorized as one of the world’s critically endangered’ species.

According to the last gorilla count in 2019, there are 1063 mountain gorillas in Uganda and this makes almost half the world’s mountain gorillas.

Conservation measures have been put in place to facilitate the multiplication of these giants and have seen incredible success.

  • There are only three countries in the world where mountain gorillas can be found, Uganda, Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), all of which share a border.
  • The mountain gorillas live in two main areas. One population lives in the Virunga volcanic mountains of Central Africa, this volcanic region is split over three different national parks.

The other is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – a national park which is often referred to as the best location to visit on a Uganda safari.

  • Gorillas are the largest living primates. Despite their size, these great apes share 99% of their DNA with humans.

The mountain gorillas are the third most closely related ape species after the two main chimpanzee species.

Like many ape species, this close link leads to many human-like qualities, and gorillas are well known for their social interaction and gentle nature.

  • Gorilla families are made up of several age ranges, these include: infant, 0 to 3 years; juvenile, 3 to 5 years; sub-adult, 5 to 9 years; adult female, 9+ years, depending on when she starts her periods; blackback, 9 to 12 years; and silverback, 12+ years.

A silverback is a male mature gorilla and it is characterized by silver hair along his back.

In conclusion, humans are the mountain gorillas’ only natural enemy. This is one of the reasons gorilla tourism is so important to these parts of the world.

Part of the money collected through mountain gorilla safaris is channeled back into the conservation schemes of mountain gorillas.

It also benefits local communities, helping the gorillas and working to prevent human-wildlife conflict.

So, next time you’re looking for an exciting safari experience, something a little different to the usual Kenya or Tanzania safari, why not take a look at a close and personal ape experience with a gorilla safari?

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