The Ugandan experience, an adventure you missed out on.

Semuliki National Park – activities, where to stay and how to get to the Park
Semuliki National Park – activities, where to stay and how to get there
September 27, 2019
Best Time to have a Safari in Uganda -Friendly Gorillas Safaris
Best Time to have a Safari in Uganda -Friendly Gorillas Safaris
October 3, 2019

The Ugandan experience, an adventure you missed out on.

The Ugandan experience, an adventure you missed out on.

The adventure you missed out on during your Africa Safari.

There are so many reasons as to why one should have a safari in Uganda.  Considering that the equator crosses Uganda right in the middle, the sun blazes all 12 months of the year.

Having said that, Uganda’s weather nonetheless amazes even the Ugandans themselves as it can be shining and out of the blue it’s raining.The Ugandan experience, an adventure you missed out on.

This weather alone makes Uganda Safaris such an ideal place for a safari. It’s not simply the sun that shines in Uganda, the smiles of the warm welcoming Ugandans can also light up your Safari.

It’s been stated over and over that Ugandans are the friendliest individuals in the region. They’re welcoming, inquisitive about their guests and the place they come from, and a Ugandan will go out of their option to make a Uganda safari traveler feel welcome.

In this time where every little thing appears to be of value, most travelers are looking for high style at a low budget. This makes Uganda the very best vacation spot within the region.

Uganda is made up of a number of ethnic groups from the central and south, east, west, and north, each with its own language, distinctive customs, and norms.

There are over 50 languages spoken in Uganda. It’s this cultural diversity that offers curious Uganda Safaris travelers a unique experience. Uganda is as rich in a food variety as its culture, this is because every tribe has its own staple meals.

A proper Ugandan meal is a celebration in itself, and some meals are prepared as early as the day before, to be served at lunch the next day.

Then there’s the roadside food, essentially the most notable being the Rolex. Don’t mistake this to the well-known piece of a wristwatch. In Uganda a Rolex is a combination of an omelet rolled in a chapati, it’s a popular street meal that can be taken any time of the day.

The colonial metropolis Jinja is known as East Africa’s adrenaline capital. It’s home to the renowned source of the River Nile and can also be a bucket listing Uganda vacation spot for these in search of adrenaline kicks by way of white-water rafting and kayaking.

On the Nile river, you can find what is arguably the most effective rapids in Africa. If water isn’t your factor, you may get your dose of adrenaline by bungee jumping as a substitute.

Oh, there is also zip lining in the Mabira Forest, you get to explore the forest canopy on a zipline. There can also be quad biking and horse riding by way of the villages along the Nile.

Additionally, Lake Bunyonyi is also known as the “the Switzerland of Africa” is also a good destination for a birding The Ugandan experience, an adventure you missed out onexperience. The lake is the second-deepest freshwater lake in Africa, and it provides a gorgeous view when seen from one of the hills around it.

Its seen is so beautiful that its view is printed on one of Uganda’s money notes. There are 29 islands within the lake

Although Uganda is one of the best locations to spot the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant), it additionally boasts distinctive wildlife character to tree-climbing lions and the Nile crocodile.

Uganda Safaris is a should on any birder’s bucket listing, with over 1,000 bird species. You can find a number of the very rarest birds such as the shoebill, the good blue turaco, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, and lots more.

Indeed, Uganda’s wetlands and savannah are great habitats for a number of the world’s most spectacular birds and wildlife. Uganda is also the home of the well-known endangered mountain gorillas, and it has the friendliest inhabitants of mountain gorillas in the world.

These gentle giants can be spotted in two of Uganda’s parks: Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

*A safari to Uganda can be the most thrilling experience of your life, it can be an adventure of a lifetime. From Mountain Gorillas, birds, deep crater lakes tropical rain forests to snow-capped mountains, Uganda has it all.

Come and enjoy the vast experience Uganda has to offer, trust Friendly Gorillas Safaris for your friendly tour experience. Click here if you have an inquiry.

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