Uganda as the number 1 destination in Africa – Uganda Safaris

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July 4, 2019
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Uganda as the number 1 destination in Africa – Uganda Safaris

Uganda as the number 1 destination in Africa - Uganda Safaris

With a diverse number of landscapes, a multitude of wildlife and rich culture, Uganda has slowly become a number 1 destination in Africa.

It’s the source of the world’s longest river “River Nile” and hosts one of the world’s tallest mountains the Rwenzori Mountain.

Uganda takes pride in its Gorilla trekking adventures and millions of foreigners’ flood into the country to have a pick at this thrilling adventure. You cannot afford to miss the big five in Uganda’s National Parks.

Noted as the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, one of the earliest explorers to visit the country, Uganda is a prime destination whose flourishing beauty deserves to be seen rather than being explained.

Endowed with plenty of beautiful scenery such as the thick forests, mountains, Lakes, Rivers, waterfalls, wildlife and rolling hills, the country is indeed a perfect getaway spot for all time travelers.

Its beauty has been maintained even in recent times. It is no wonder that the country is one of the destinations one should look out for when planning to do an African safari.

Many travelers who have been able to make their way to this precious country have been able to give consistent positive reviews because of the magical experience they encounter during their vacation to this Mother Nature.

This topic avails a detailed explanation about Uganda which will entice you to visit the country in a blink of an eye.

One of the major factors affecting travelers planning a vacation to a particular country/place is the character of people in that area.

Despite the fact that the country has got a multitude of tribes, each of them is welcoming.

These people are always ready and willing to take you through the different cultural aspects as well as interact with you about all matters concerning their traditions.

The character of people is so friendly and this explains why they smile, wave and at times clap when they see people with a different color who are referred to as “Bazungu” meaning the white not in a disrespectful manner but rather in a more pleasant format.

The nature of Ugandans has therefore seen many tourists come to Uganda for cultural encounters with different cultures such as the Batwa found in southwestern Uganda known as the first settlers in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, the Karamajong in northeastern Uganda, Bagishu in eastern Uganda and many other groups.

These people are always ready to entertain visitors by performing their traditional songs, dances, teaching them how to weave baskets, child naming ceremonies and many more aspects in their cultures.

The country is blessed with plenty of wildlife some of which is rare and found no elsewhere.

Starting with the most popular mountain gorillas found in Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park which holds more than half of the remaining gorilla species, chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park and many other destinations such as Ngamba Island, Budongo forest and Maramagambo forest.

These two primate species attract the largest number of visitors. Other primates include baboons, red-tailed monkeys, black and white Columbus monkeys, golden monkeys, L’Hoests monkeys and many more.

The country also has the rare tree-climbing lions only found in Queen Elizabeth national park in the whole of East Africa. Not forgetting large dazzles of zebras, obstinacies of buffalos, bloats of hippos, herds of elephants, crocodiles, antelopes, leopards, warthogs and more.

The country is also endowed with plenty of bird species.

A number of destinations in Uganda are noted for having several bird species, for example, Queen Elizabeth national parks itself is noted for having 600 species including the Rwenzori Turaco, marabou storks, Palm-nut vulture, Collared pratincole, Swamp flycatcher. Mabamba bay, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is also noted for its good number of birds including the famous shoebill.

Please make a visit to the national parks in this precious country in case you want to see the beauty of wildlife here. The country is taking a number of measures to conserve various wildlife species.

Uganda is regaining her position as a top African destination as it was in the 1960s.

From 100,000 visitors in 1993, Uganda received 1,151,000 visitor arrivals in the year 2011 representing an increase of 34% from 2010, an indication of a growing tourism market.

The industry’s total contribution to GDP amounts to over 1.5 billion dollars, representing 9% of national GDP.

The sector is also one of the major employers in the country, with a total of 522,700 jobs created in 2011, representing 7.9% of the total workforce in Uganda. (Figures from Uganda Tourism Sector Situational Assessment, 2012)

The tourism sector which was prioritized as a primary growth sector in the 2010/11‐2014/15 National Development Plan (NDP), once again has its own fully-fledged Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities to spearhead the process of harnessing Uganda’s tourism potential for economic development and social transformation.

Friendly Gorillas Safaris believes that by promoting tourism, it invariably support the whole economy through the creation of employment and additional investment opportunities.

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